What’s in your Digital Strategy? Here’s our top tips

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Most small business owners put a website together and if they are very tech savvy maybe a Facebook page and believe they have an online or digital strategy.

This isn’t even a strategy but rather a tactic that companies use. Albeit the websites may be pretty mostly they do very little to Interrupt, Engage or Educate the customer on why they should buy from you.

Only very rarely do we see anything being done to capture details of future buyers and helping to build relationships with potential future customers that are not ready to pick up the phone just yet.

We must understand the buyers’ journey has changed enormously in the last decade. SME’s need to be clear about the messaging they use.

Your customer has a problem they don’t want and you have a solution they don’t have. SME’s need to know the customers hot buttons and find a way to marry the problem and solution.

SME’s should be using targeted landing pages built around very specific offers.

If your spending money to drive traffic to a website then Lead capture tools need to be in place to utilise the future potential of that hard won traffic.

Websites need to be responsive as Google now ranks based on mobile friendliness.

Video needs to be part of the SME’s online strategy.

If you think you might benefit from a one to one strategy session to get specific ideas for your business get in touch.