SEO Expert Tips for Keyword Selection

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As SEO Experts, when working on Search Engine Optimisation campaigns we often get asked about organic keywords.

What are the best keywords for natural ranking.

There is an article Titled: “12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO” by Mike Murray over in Content Marketing Institue which is well worth checking out.

In the article Mike talks about

  1. Keyword mining and the Best Keyword research resource.
  2. Are the Keywords Relevant to your business.
  3. Will you be buying the keyword in PPC campaigns.
  4. Are you ranking now and how to check
  5. Do you have the appropiate keyword density to rank in organic SEO and what tools can you use to find out
  6. Is your website receiving traffic for the selected keywords
  7. Are you building similar keywords for organic seo ranking
  8. Is the keyword already converting and who give you the best insights
  9. What about your call to action, if you drive traffic through SEO experts to a site you want it to convert well
  10. Internal page linking what is the best strategy to boost SEO
  11. Future content marketing strategy and does it fit your keywords or phrase
  12. Finally he talks about the importance of the keyword phrase in your domain name

It’s a really good article and well worth checking’s a link to it!

12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO