How do I improve my Google ranking?

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How to Improve your Google Ranking

A lot of small business owner and entrepreneurs struggle with the question: “How do I get my site to rank in Google” You need to rank in all search engines but we know Google is the 800lb gorilla in the room.

If you’re not sure what you should be doing to improve your SEO Search Engine Optimisation here are 5 Actionable Tips on what you can start doing today to improve your google ranking.

  1. Content is King” when it comes to Digital Marketing.  This is such a cliché but it is so true. I have seen countless case studies where having more content, and I’m talking 900+ words, that are relevant to your subject and target audience is directly correlated with having higher rankings. So get writing today or use one of a dozen platforms that have Freelance writers who can do it for you. If you do go external to get the content written for you make sure it’s 100% unique. Copy and paste is a Big No No.
  1. Set up Google webmaster tools to identify what queries your business is showing up for and then look at the Click Through Rates your achieving. If your CTR’s are less than 3% you should consider adjusting the page Titles and Descriptions to try and improve on this. Give it at least 30 days and check your google ranking again.
  1. Consistent listing information. Citations are hugely important. For some unknown reason, a lot of businesses don’t recognise this, (if you find yourself asking: What the heck is a Citation? Call me you need help straight away). if they do citations at all, they do them infrequently and this leads to inconsistent citations that are of little value. Make sure your business listing is the exact same down to every comma and full stop across all citation sources and if you have changed address make sure you amend all the citations with your new details. BTW if you change your business address frequently Google don’t like that. They only want to serve up high quality content and reputable businesses. It’s just something to consider.
  1. Back links – Right up there with Content in terms of priority and importance for your google ranking is the number of back links pointing at your site. Don’t think for a second all back links are created equal. If you can get yourself some back links with industry leaders and influencers or top publications in your area this will add an enormous amount of juice to your website. Do not go down the route of spammy backlinks or non industry related links that can work for the short terms but long term can hurt you more.
  1. Mobile optimisation – We are heading towards a mobile 1st I read a recent survey from Bank of America where customers were asked “On an average day, which do you interact with the most?” 29% said their Smartphone versus 15% said their children. We are all using mobiles in our daily lives and you need to make sure your business website is mobile responsive and user friendly.

Hopefully you find these useful, let me know if you do or if you need some help implementing anything we are happy to help out.

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