Benefits of SEO

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Benefit of SEO

What are the benefits of SEO?

I received some great feedback on my recent article “How do I improve my Google ranking?” But as we say in Ireland “There’s always one”. So I had one business owner reach out to me and he struggled to see the BENIFITS OF SEO.

To be fair, I can understand this position because historically SEO companies have been really poor in demonstrating the benefit of SEO.

I get at least 5 emails a day from SEO Experts and I’ve yet to find one that can tell me what is the value to my business having a page one ranking versus a page 3 ranking for a specific keyword.

So with this in mind I want to follow up to outline what I see are the main benefits of Search Engine Optimisation.

  1. Cost effective, Long Lasting Results

Not only is the cost of SEO lower that other channels for promoting your business, but good quality SEO efforts provide long lasting results. Once your site is ranking well your listing is effectively Free.

It’s a bit like “the gift that keeps on giving”. Unlike other ads in a local publication or PPC (a paid ad online) that costs you every time someone clicks on it.

  1. If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen

There’s old quote that has been attributed to John Wanamaker a US department store owner that I’m sure you have heard “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” Thankfully with Digital Marketing this is no longer the case. There’s an array of free reporting tools such as Google Analytics, Google’s Search Console, SEM Rush, Majestic and many many more that help you track and see measurable results, so you know the money you spend is being put to good use. Not only that but you will also have access to lots of new tactical information on customer demographics and what search terms they are using to find you.

  1. I’ll just pay for an Ad that sits on the top of Google

Yes, you certainly can but as mentioned earlier you’re paying the big bucks to Google or Facebook every time some clicks on your advert. Not only that but there is a body of evidence to suggest that people have become banner blind and simply don’t see a lot of the ads. Furthermore by having your business ranked organically at the top of the search engines this builds enormous trust and credibility in your brand. Industry standard conversion rates would seem to back up this claim with approximately 2% conversion rate on paid ads versus 4% conversion rate on organic listings.

  1. The importance of a top ranking

Over 48% of clicks go to the number top listing on page one of Google, with only about 5% of searchers making it to the bottom of page one! Securing a top position for your main key words means you’re getting an unfair advantage over your closest competitors.


To put it simply…you have already invested in a website. Getting your site ranked well helps you leverage and capitalise on that initial investment. You wouldn’t keep a sales rep that’s not performing. You would either invest in training them to get better result or get rid of them.

You should take a similar approach to your website. Invest in getting it to perform because Search Engine Optimisation helps your business attract the right type of buyers. Remember these are searchers who are actively trying to find your products and every position you take up on page one of Google is one less position for your competitors.

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